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We are Silicon Valley and San Diego based patent attorneys, agents and professionals with a commitment to service, ready to attend to your intellectual property needs, covering patent, copyright and trademark filings, and prosecution. MU Patents is proud to serve its clients throughout Silicon Valley and San Diego, the United States, and around the world focusing on mechanical, electrical, chemical, app and software patents. MU Patents prides itself on its success in overcoming difficult objections from USPTO Patent Examiners and foreign examiners. Looking for an international patent? We partner with attorneys around the world to process patents in various countries, including PCT applications.

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You will receive personalized IP law services with our firm that is reliable and highly competent, always within deadlines. We know your business can’t wait, that’s why MU Patents commits to provide a response to all queries within 24 hours. Call us today: 858.263.7554 or contact our team at

Educating and empowering clients on intellectual property law is part of the firm core values, see our FAQ page for answers to common client questions on the patent law system. 



  • Computer Hardware
  • Battery charges
  • Data Storage


  • Kitchen appliances
  • Exercise equipment
  • Parts for vehicles


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Genetically modified compositions



  • Consumer appliances
  • Automotive parts
  • Consumer electronics

The Power of Patent Pending

By marking an invention you’re bringing to market as patent pending, it clearly communicates that a patent is in process, that may be approved at any time. This notifies competitors that copying your invention could result in big problems for them down the line. 

A patent pending label is a sufficient warning to hedge off potential patent infringers. In some cases, if someone does try to copy your patent pending product, you might be able to obtain an injunction to halt the manufacturing until your patent application is processed. If your patent application is approved, the infringing party can no longer manufacture the product without your approval. 

Additionally, there is a section of law that provides that a patent holder can receive royalties for sales of products or services that are covered by their patent, from the point of the patent granted date. So, being first to file, you can pursue those who make, use, or sell the claimed product or process without your permission for infringement. These are known as provisional rights. 

If you are truly the first to file a patent application on an invention, the priority of your application while pending can block competitors from receiving an issued patent on obviously similar inventions.

Additionally, having a patent application pending before meeting with potential developers, licensees or potential investors lessens the danger that your inventive idea will be stolen and utilized by them. It also signifies to them that your product is valuable and unlike any other on the market, making it a more sought after item when negotiating a deal.


Our firm is focused on consistent, direct communication with clients, providing professional patent, trademark and copyright services to small businesses and solo inventors at attractive pricing. If you’re a filing a US patent and are seeking to file internationally, we also specialize in PCT patent applications.

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Our commitment to service starts with your first phone call – you’ll reach a patent attorney right away. Working with us begins with a frank discussion of your intellectual property goals, whether it’s regarding patents, copyright or trademarks, we work to tailor your strategy to meet those goals. We involve you in the drafting and examination process, with multiple chances to comment on drafts and provide input. Our patent practitioners will often refocus the invention to the commercially valuable aspects during patent prosecutions before the USPTO, to ensure those aspects are the ones that are covered. We’ll invite you to join in on discussions with the Examiner to describe the benefits and your motivation to invent. If we’re working on a PCT patent application, we will keep you abreast of all developments with foreign attorneys. Once the patent issues, we monitor the status and assist in commercializing the invention, if that is your goal.

We’re always just a phone call away, and we don’t charge extra for a quick question. Call 858.263.7554 now. Want to meet in person? Schedule a meeting to stop by one of our offices! We’re located in Silicon Valley and San Diego and love the chance to meet clients face-to-face.

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Kenneth McCain

“Recently I received my Patent by the USPTO. My lawyer Nyall Engfield made the process and the experience very rewarding. To date I have received sound professional council and representation in the preparation and filing of my patent. Cost, certainty and strong communication was provided from Day #1 forward.”

Reiner Christian

“Having dealt with patent attorneys in the past, I was a little trepidations when I contacted MU Patents. Immediately Nyall Engfield put my fears to rest. He explained, in terms I could understand, what was involved, how he was going to approach and then solve the problem. He then quoted me an estimate. In less than three days Nyall had done exactly what he said he would do.”


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